News | 3 November 2016

Results European Industry Survey 2016

The LiveCom Alliance European Industry Survey aims to capture the scale, trends and economic impact of the live communication industry. The 2016 edition is the first step towards building a comprehensive picture of this important industry. The LiveCom Alliance, the association which collates data provided by its member associations, will produce future editions of the survey annually.

LiveCom European Industry Survey reveals growth in first snapshot of the pan-European live communication industry; ‘Widespread expectations of budget growth and strong agency position’.

The first pan-European survey of the live communication industry, using data from seven countries, has revealed positive growth trends with an average of 83% of respondents expecting budgets to grow or stay the same across six key markets.

The LiveCom European Industry Survey 2016 captured existing data from Belgium, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden and the UK. More respondents expect budgets to increase than decrease in all markets except Belgium, where 4% more expect a decrease. The Netherlands (56%) and Italy (49%) had the highest number of respondents expecting budget increases.

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