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2023, August 28-29

Conventa Crossover | Conventa Best Event Award

Conventa Crossover, the festival of events and live marketing, takes place August 28 & 29 in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Conventa Best Event Award is the annual award for the best event in the region of ‘New Europe’.

2023, November 23-25

Bea World Festival | European Best Event Awards

Bea World Festival; The International Festival of Events and Live Communication, this year November 23 to 25 in Rome, Italy.

2024, January 17-18

BOE International 2024 & BrandEx Award

The traditional yearly kick-off event BOE International will be held January 17 & 18 next year! Thanks to our partner BOE we are able to meet and connect creating an energizing start of 2024. We hope to see you all. For a serious doses of extra inspiration we are able to join BrandEx Award, date t.b.a.