LiveCom Alliance

We believe that 'live' is the best and most sustainable way to communicate. Period.

As ambassadors of an ever evolving and globalizing industry, we encourage our members to think big and push the envelope. And support them with our extensive international network and our profound industry know-how.

By connecting the most prominent pan-European associations, we claim a valuable network with a wide reach. Today, we are serving 10 national organizations and affecting over 1.000 leading agencies around Europe.


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What's happening

2023, August 28-29

Conventa Crossover | Conventa Best Event Award

Conventa Crossover, the festival of events and live marketing, takes place August 28 & 29 in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Conventa Best Event Award is the annual award for the best event in the region of ‘New Europe’.

2023, November 23-25

Bea World Festival | European Best Event Awards

Bea World Festival; The International Festival of Events and Live Communication, this year November 23 to 25 in Rome, Italy.

2024, January 17-18

BOE International 2024 & BrandEx Award

The traditional yearly kick-off event BOE International, to be held on January 17 & 18 next year! Thanks to our partner BOE we are able to meet and connect as an energizing start of 2024. We hope to see you all. For a serious doses of extra inspiration we are able to join BrandEx Award, date t.b.a.