News | 24 April 2020

LiveCom Alliance supports joint position paper to EU

Continuing to drive our advocacy work in Europe, we supported a joint position paper on the role our industry has as a fast track to economic recovery. With this, we continue the dialogue with the political decision makers in Brussels, advocating: a) for the much needed economic support for exhibitions and live events, and b) sharing practical proposals for the secure reopening of exhibitions and other types of business events.

This joint position paper is an important second step to create focus on our industry, this time emphasizing the crucial role of live communication in the social and economic recovery of Europe.

This paper was issued by European Exhibition Industry Alliance (EEIA) and supported by: EMECA, UFI, EVVC, IELA, IFES and LiveCom Alliance.

Download position paper:
EEIA Joint Position Paper_24042020_final