News | 9 March 2020

LiveCom Alliance statement COVID-19

It’s end of February, early March. The coronavirus is dominating the news and in a business bringing people together obviously very tangible. The cancellation of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona was the first and clear indicator of the impact on our industry and more signals are following rapidly. To have a prompt reply we issued the statement below.

“The coronavirus is dominating the news and consequences are very tangible in the event and live communication industry; an industry that is all about promoting the power of bringing people together. Live.

Legitimate or not, (inter)national events and large gatherings are being cancelled and postponed all over Europe. Countries are taking their own individual measures, which they think reflect the society which they influence directly best. There is no European standard dictating how to handle the considerations on whether or not to promote and execute Live events and bringing large groups of people together.

LiveCom Alliance, as the pan-European authority representing the live communication industry, is in close contact with and monitoring all reports of its members, the participating associations from nine countries: Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland and The Netherlands. These members are representing over 700 live communication companies and event agencies.

LiveCom Alliance would like to send a powerful appeal to the industry and more specific to clients and organizers all over the world; First and foremost we encourage to follow government regulations with regards to the organization of events. We urge to be alert, diligent and conscious while weighing in factors in the decision-making process on whether or not to organize, cancel or postpone, while also remaining calm and conduct restraint to avoid an unnecessary panic atmosphere. In the event postponement or even cancellation of an event is inevitable, we promise that everyone involved can count on the creative and organizational powers in our industry to execute an alternative concept that is satisfying to all stakeholders involved.

The live communication industry is ready to step up the game and show the resilience of the worlds’ most creative continent. This goes for Europe in general, but for our industry in particular: we are open and ready to face challenges, work together while hitting the ground running and showcasing inventive local plans to tackle global issues.”