News | 22 June 2021

European Industry Survey 2020

LiveCom Alliance proudly presents the fifth edition of the European Industry Survey. This year’s edition was not only intended to capture the major trends, challenges and economic impact drivers of the live communication industry. The main purpose was to define a post-Covid fixing point.

The online press conference was streamed live from our Dutch studio, powered by NEOC, Bazelmans & Momice. Hosted by Rutger Bremer and LiveCom Alliance founder and managing director Maarten Schram. Special guest: Colja Dams (Owner VOK DAMS/chairman R.I.F.E.L.).

On June 22, LiveCom Alliance revealed the results of the fifth edition of the European Industry Survey conducted by R.I.F.E.L. Institute and supported by partner Best of Events. The survey showcases the dramatic impact that Covid-19 had on the live-communication industry. Turnover, projects and employment were most heavily impacted. Respondents display resilience while facing challenges that the reignition of the industry will bring, where the most important drivers are identified as: digitalisation and online/hybrid event formats. While on the verge of re-opening the industry, respondents will rely heavily on creative, digital and self-management competence when it comes to their teams. These skills are perceived to contribute most when kick-starting the eagerly awaited comeback of meeting each other face-to-face.

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