News | 16 May 2018

First pan-European pitch guidelines introduced at IMEX

LiveCom Alliance pursues a professional, sustainable and fair pan-European playing field for the live communication industry. Therefore, we are proud to present the first pan-European pitch guidelines. Guidance for maximum effectiveness and output, designed with the input from our ten members. These pitch guidelines shall govern the spirit and the way we approach pitches or tenders, covering the following key elements: clear scope, transparent process, realistic remuneration, respect for copyright and confidentiality.

In the live communication industry, calling for or entering in pitches is a common way of generating business, and it needs to be treated as a delicate matter. The stakes are high. On the one hand for the client because it determines the potential value of a future partnership, and on the other hand for the agency since it could define the potential of winning a new client or project. Therefore, professional pitch guidelines are essential to guarantee best possible results on both ends.

A set of guidelines will enable clients to adopt to a more professional and effective approach in their call for pitches whilst agencies will be able to objectively weight the investment involved against the chances of success.

Download infographic pitch guidelines: