News | 13 July 2020

Ivo Franschitz: 'Covid-19 is not the cause for all the current changes, it's just a major accelerator'

LiveCom Alliance presents the ‘Restart Sessions’, live communication & event industry back in businessone on one interviews hosted by founder and managing director Maarten Schram with the key representatives of our member associations.

In Restart Session #4 Maarten speaks to Ivo Franschitz, board member of the Austrian association EMBA and board member of LiveCom Alliance. Listen to the full conversation by watching the video below.

In case of any questions referring to events in Austria, please check the contact details on the EMBA member page.

The LiveCom Alliance Restart Sessions are compact episodes that deep dive into the local status of COVID-19 measurements and business insights. Our industry is slowly but steadily starting up, exploring the possibilities and limitations of government regulations and security and safety measures due to COVID-19. Get a clear picture of the possibilities of doing business all over Europe. Interesting material, not only for you as an association leader, but also for your members.