News | 23 February 2021

Appeal for a simplified and coordinated approach for a faster recovery

A recently conducted EY study illustrates that the creative economy is one of the most severely affected industries in Europe. Based on our European observations, and displaying several game-changing developments and industry initiatives, LiveCom Alliance is appealing for a simplified and coordinated approach for a faster recovery and a necessary perspective for our Live communication industry.

In accordance with our member-associations all over Europe, the LiveCom Alliance presses for:

  • The implementation of unified, international travel rules and documents, to restart the opportunities to travel.
  • An open-minded recognition of the results of studies and test events, documenting that professionally organised live events, within the defined framework of COVID-19 measurements, are possible and feasible.
  • The continued development of existing vaccination and testing strategies.
  • And most importantly, the necessary coordinated EU-wide approach for these topics, to restart the live communication industry as soon as possible.

Below our Position Paper, addressed to the EU on February 19th 2021. And the mentioned EY study and position paper by our colleagues from EEIA.

Position Paper_February 2021

Studie EY zum Schaden der Veranstaltungswirtschaft 2021

EEIA Position Paper – Enable travel with digital travel pass – 20.01.2021