News | 12 December 2022

It’s a pleasure to announce, our current board member and treasurer Ivo Franschitz (EMBA – AT) is the new chairman of LiveCom Alliance. Ivo succeeds our former chairman Jan Kalbfleisch (FWD. – DE).

New chairman: Ivo Franschitz

A few words on behalf of our new chairman:

„After 5,5 years of being part of the board of the LiveCom Alliance, it is both my great pleasure and honour to take over the chairperson position, to lead our unique European live communication network, together with my board colleagues and with its founder & managing director, Maarten Schram.

As a leading pan-European platform, we continue to unite, educate and inspire our industry. By showcasing excellence, by demonstrating relevance and by sharing competence, we are passionate ambassadors for the best of live communication.

Continuing the dedicated work of my predecessor, Jan Kalbfleisch, I believe in the power of live communication, and its potential and force for good. More than ever, it needs a strong and clear European voice, which we together will continue to build.“