News | 22 July 2021

LiveCom Alliance Code of Ethics

Our Code of Ethics covers important industry topics, designed with the input from our members. This Code of Ethics shall govern both the spirit of all activities and the way we do business, covering the following key elements: purpose, client focussed, collaboration, integrity, respect, passion, excellence, impact, taxation and lawfulness.

LiveCom Alliance pursues a professional, sustainable and fair playing field across the live communication and events industry. Especially now, in this crucial phase of gentle recovery and the live communication industry picking up pace, it’s important to honor and work by these principles. LiveCom Alliance introduced the first pan-European Code of Ethics in May 2017 in order to govern the spirit and method of all (commercial) activities we undertake whenever, wherever and however we conduct our business. Adopted by our twelve member associations and their 1000+ national member agencies and companies.

Download LiveCom Alliance’s Code of Ethics here.